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TinyOwl's partner app - UX Revamp

The other half of the Product ecosystem

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TinyOwl had treated its partners - restaurant owners & delivery boys at par with its users in terms of providing a simple & intuitive experience. 

TinyOwl Business Android App was initially designed to let the restaurant owners accept the incoming orders and see the order details only. 

As part of it UX revamp, we decided to introduce more features like- digitising restaurant onboarding, inventory management, order status updates and weekly business reports & payment settlements.

Role: UX Designer
What I did: User Research, UX Flows, Wireframes and Mockups 

Restaurant Onboarding

When a restaurant wanted to register as a business partner with TinyOwl, they had to manually fill out a handful of forms providing information like- open timings, point of contact details, delivery areas, running or upcoming offers, accepted payment modes and so on. 

It was a cumbersome process.

So, I took some 20+ different forms, combined all the info and recategorised it into various sections making the flow simpler and easier for the restaurant owners to register directly through the app in a more streamlined and convenient manner.

I passed on the following user flow chart to the Design team to develop the UI for this.

Faster onboarding. Easy updates.

The online process took way less time to get new restaurants onboard with almost no human intervention required; and it was faster & easier to update information in future as well - including menu items change, price change, inventory management etc.

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The new face of the app

The UX revamp was focused on improving the flow of the existing features and adding new elements like order status updates, expected delivery times, reasons for canceling orders and quick queries.

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Real-time order status updates. Easy access to business reports.

With the new app, restaurant owners could update delivery times, mention reasons for canceling an order and see how well they've been doing over time & request settlement with TinyOwl- all of which used to be done manually earlier through a customer care agent or a Business development executive.

Introduction of Business reports as an in-app feature was a revolutionary one. Earlier, the Finance team used to manage 34 separate ledgers to keep track of all transactions with restaurants and their delivery boys. But, with all this being digitised now, not only the access to information became easier but also the instances of human errors were drastically reduced.

Introduction of WebApp

Most restaurant users already had PCs and they preferred to be able to use a PC over a phone for TinyOwl Business.

It was easier to fill onboarding forms and view order details or business reports on a bigger screen hence, we decided to do a pilot launch of a webapp for the same.

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Screenshot 2020-06-20 at 12.16.37 PM.png
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This pilot project was received really well and it was soon revamped in line with the UX Revamp guidelines and more interesting features like creation of marketing campaigns and offers from the webapp were introduced.