I like to read and tell stories.

Been telling through 

digital products (so far),

exploring depths of

visual & arts (now),

wish to transcend into

virtual and spatial (soon).

I love pastels and irony.

A few select stories for you

A peek into my process of designing stories


Solving a problem, are we?

Ideation: What problem(s) are we solving? What are the goals?

Research: Market, competition, industry & its future prospects

Users: Who are they? Why and

how would they use the product?


Are we giving it wings or not?

User Stories: What can different users do/achieve with the product?

Features/Functionalities: What tools we provide to ensure the above?

UX Flows/Wireframes: Structure & interplay of every single unit


Green or Green?

Mockups/Prototypes: Pixel-perfect screens & their interactions

Visual Research/Branding: Mood, tone, visual language of product

User Testing/Feedback: Did we get it right? No, repeat.


Lastly, a bit about the designer/storyweaver 

Once upon a time, I was an Architect. And then, nothing interesting happened for a very, very long time...

Meanwhile, in a parallel dimension - technology had already taken over the world. We found ourselves surrounded by screens of all sizes, apps, websites, pings, tweets, snaps and 'grams.

One fine day, I was taking a stroll minding my own business and I see a portal to this other world. I lean a little to take a closer look and whoosh!

I got sucked right into it and how! (read - a text from

my brother regarding an opportunity at TinyOwl)

That's how my journey as a digital experience

designer started.

Since then, it's been 5+ years of this course, that software, those skills (most def!) and a bit of chocolate. 

* It was a very, very casual stroll...