Live Poker games management made easy

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A case study in Minimal design

There goes a lot of planning in organising even a friendly game of poker - sending invites on text or call, keeping track of who's at what buy-in amount, who owes to whom and how much and so on. Now, do this everyday and we are looking at sheets over sheets of expenses and player accounts. 

The team at Pokerman approached me with this idea in early 2019. They've been playing poker and organising friendly games regularly for over a decade and wanted to build this tool to make their own lives easier. 


The idea is to replace the current manual process of organising & scheduling games, inviting players and coordinating with them, handling accounts and settlements. By automating and streamlining most of the process, we can make poker games organisation more efficient both for the organisers and the players.

Relevant game-specific stats and player-specific stats can be used to organise ‘good games’ attracting more players. While players can see the line-ups upfront and choose which games may turn out to be more profitable for them.

Role: Design Lead
What I did: Conceptualistaion & PRD, Research, UX Flow, Wireframes; branding & final mockups with the help of a visual designer
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Pokerman - a (man)ager for all your needs
The sleek logo is designed to look like club (one of the four marks in playing cards); letters P&M; a man or a manager to look after all your needs; or a person holding cards.
The very idea of having a person(al) element in the name as well as the logo is to establish a human connection to enhance the factor of trust.

Name and Logo- branding that establishes trust

We associate poker and poker players with a life full of extravagance, extreme luxury or life on the edge, in general. But that's just on the facade.

Within, every poker player is very meticulous about their in-game decisions, chips stack, opponents' behaviour and almost everything else. 

We want Pokerman to be a product that captures the essence of both these traits- match the feel of royalty with the promise of safe & encrypted information.

Branding - Card Design Explorations

Before finalising the colours, fonts, icons and illustrations styles - we experimented with a few combinations to figure out what would work best in online as well as offline scenarios.


Colour and icons- branding that screams modern & royal

We wanted to choose a poker table's colour as the primary colour which narrowed down our choices to shades of blue, green and purple. Out of these, Purple (to plum) stood out as a colour of trust, royalty and modernism. Used with a complementary shade of orange that adds to the fascination and charm of the life that we are trying to replicate here.

To add to the contrast, we used them in combination with their pastel versions.


Use of round element as icons and buttons - closest imitation of chips to add familiarity

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Buttons and Icons

Call to Action buttons are designed to be solid and filled to enhance their affordance.

Whereas icons are more transparent and given some character with breaks in strokes.

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Pokerman is essentially a tool to make organisation & management of live poker games easy and hence, simplicity and minimalism had to be the core of product design. We've kept task flows simple and intuitive, 

straight-forward navigation with one-point access & neat-looking screens each with only the most relevant information and actions. 

App Design - simple, clean & essential

Create a club. Create games in a club. Invite players to them. 

It's that easy. Record every player's every transaction real-time; record all expenses and generate a report with clubs' stats and share it with all.

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Group players. Tag them. Get stats on each one of them.

Players can be grouped together to send bulk invites. You can see each player's performance in your club.

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Create a game, send invites and see real-time game line-up as players accept invites - all this without constant coordination over phone or chat. Schedule timely notifications for players to inform them when

the game is about to start or a seat is vacant and much more!

Join clubs. See upcoming games. Review performance.

A player can join as many clubs as they want. Get invited to various games and see their performance in each club across games.

A player can see their current buy-in amount in a game and request for more chips from the app.

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Club owners and players can chat with each other regarding any discrepancies or clarifications and can request settlements directly from the app. Pokerman maintains a record of all past transactions.

Support for more complex processes and multiple games with helpful insights - Pokerman can be licensed to casinos over time

Live games offer all the oomph and charisma of playing poker (similar to experience in a casino) but where they lack is in providing the plethora of useful information as in online poker which comes handy for regular players who play with the same faces over and again.

Pokerman can be transformed into a more powerful tool in the next phase with an analytics engine built on top of it that can provide the most meaningful insights to both club owners and players.

There's no limit to what each can do or strategise with access to such insights!